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FLU Vaccine at CMO

We have received our first shipment of flu vaccine for the season. 
Updates will be posted as soon as we receive additional shipments.
All flu shots are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
To schedule an appointment email
request through your MyChart
 or call 978.975.3355 
October Flu Clinics 
are scheduled for:
Tuesday October 3 at 5pm 
Friday October 6  at 10 am
Monday October 9 at 12:30 (NO SCHOOL – COLUMBUS DAY)
Friday October 13 at 10am
Tuesday October 17 at 5pm (FULL)
Tuesday October 24 at 5pm (FULL)
Sunday October 22 at 10am (FULL)
Sunday October 29 at 10am (FULL)
Additional Clinics will be posted when our next shipment is received.
FLU VACCINE (injection only) IS IN!
We recommend vaccinating early in the season.
Flu clinics book quickly, so email or call us today! 

Flu Vaccine doses are sent to us in separate shipments over several months, we do expect to run out at points during the season.




Influenza (The Flu) is a contagious respiratory illness cause by influenza virus and can cause mild to severe illness.


  • Spread from person to person in respiratory droplets of a cough or sneeze.
  • Touch of respiratory droplets on another person or object and ten touches their own mouth and nose before washing their hands. 


Most patients who have received any kind of flu vaccine in the past will only need one dose of this year’s vaccine, but patients under the age of 9 years getting flu vaccine for the first time may still need two doses.



If you have a visit booked for any other reason in the next few months, your child (and siblings) should receive a flu vaccine at that visit. Some illnesses prevent a child from receiving vaccines, we will book another time to return for a flu shot.  

Remember to keep flu and flu like illness in perspective.  For most children both versions of the flu are mild, self limited illnesses.  The most important thing always is always to keep a close eye on your child when they are sick, and if you are worried about their symptoms bring them in to the office. 


The Staff at
Children’s Medical Office of North Andover, P.C.

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CALL US FIRST  at 978-975-3355!  We can help you decide the best place to get medical care.  In most cases, we can care for your child in our office which is open seven days a week with extended hours on most days for your convenience.

Local emergency rooms should be used for life threatening emergencies only.  

Pill Swallowing Class July 21!

I have to Swallow That!?
Pill Swallowing Made Easy… (and fun!)
A One-Session Group for Kids & Parents
with Dr. Amanda Bronson
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment that can work fast!
For children ages 5+ through teens
 Why is medication important?
 Why pills?
 Say “ahhh”
How do your mouth and throat work? How can they learn to relax?
Parent Guidance:
 Is My Child Ready to Learn How to Swallow Pills?
 What You Can Do to Help Your Child
 Do’s & Don’ts– Before, During & After Swallowing Tries
Intervention & Treatment:
 Calming Down Your Body
 Calming Down Your Mind
 Gradual Exposure via use of Shaping + Practice… at your own pace
When? Friday, July 21st from 3:15-4:15PM
Where? Right Here at CMO!
How? Call to Register: 978-975-3355
Insurance Accepted (copays due at time of group)
***Please send with your child 1 package (each) of: Nerds, Tic Tacs, M&M’s (mini and
regular), Skittles and a bottle of water***