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Adaptive Dance – Autism
Helene Joy School of Dance
337 North Main St (Rt 114)
Helen Joy School of Dance “Loft”
4B Lookout Lane (@Yellow Jackets)
Middleton, MA 01949
Phone: (978)777-1737

Adaptive Dance (for children with Autism) 5+ Sundays 1:45-2:30
Adaptive Dance (for Children with Autism) 8+ Sundays 1:00-1:45

Autism and young Adults
Navigating Love and Autism

GREENFIELD, Mass. — The first night they slept entwined on his futon, Jack Robison, 19, who had since childhood thought of himself as “not like the other humans,” regarded Kirsten Lindsmith with undisguised tenderness.

She was the only girl to have ever asked questions about his obsessive interests — chemistry, libertarian politics, the small drone aircraft he was building in his kitchen — as though she actually cared to hear his answer. To Jack, who has a form of autism called Asperger syndrome, her mind was uncannily like his. She was also, he thought, beautiful.
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Autism, Grown Up
Love on the Spectrum

Articles in this series are chronicling the coming of age of a generation of autistic youths. If you are a person with autism or a relative, neighbor, romantic interest or co-worker of someone who is, you can help inform this series.

Sesame Street

A fun Sesame Street video for ASD kids at at preschool developmental / language level and their siblings: