Babies need FULL TIME protection!

    • Continue to use your car seat at all times. Change from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat once manufacturer’s weight & height limit have been met, however continue to keep the seat rear-facing until 2 years of age. Remember, car accidents are the SINGLE BIGGEST THREAT to your babies health.
    • Test baby’s high chair before you buy it. The base should be wide and stable so it will not fall over if bumped by another person or if the baby tries to crawl out. NEVER leave the baby alone in a high chair.
    • Don’t put the baby in a walker. They lead to falls, poisonings, and chokings. Swings, playpens, and “johnny jumpers” are all much safer.
    • Now is the time to “Childproof” your home. Be sure all small objects that the baby could choke on are both out of reach and out of sight (e.g. buttons, coins, bottle caps, pins, nuts, raisins, older child’s toys). Put “shock stops” in all unused electrical outlets and move all cleaning fluids, medicines, etc. to high cabinets. Don’t rely on so-called “Childproof” cabinet latches – they don’t work. Make sure your water heater is set not to exceed 120ºF.
    • Never turn your back on a baby in a bath, on a changing table or on a bed EVEN FOR A SECOND!