Development & Stimulation

From the first moments of life, a baby needs to see, hear, and feel different things to begin to learn:

  • Babies can see very well from the start. They instinctively recognize the human face and prefer looking at YOU to anything else. Look at and talk to your baby while feeding, changing diapers, etc. You are it’s best toy!
  • Colorful mobiles and music boxes are also good toys for this age group.
  • Pacifiers satisfy a baby’s natural sucking instinct (which is a need separate from feeding) and are preferable to thumbs in several ways. Be careful NOT to hang it on a cord around the neck, however, as this could strangle him.
  • The first 2 months are a SOCIAL time; learning to focus, smile, coo, listen, and relate to the other people in the family. Babies are charmers at this age.
  • From 2 – 4 months is more a MOTOR time; learning to hold up the head, roll over, bat at then finally grasp objects (and put them in the mouth).