Babies need FULL TIME protection.

  • Get a government approved car seat and USE IT at all times. A car seat should face the rear of the car until the child is 2 years of age. Be sure it’s in good condition, especially if it is used, and installed according to directions. If you need help installing your car seat, there are certified CPS technicians & Child Seat Fitting Stations in your area. Visit or for more information.
  • Have a smoke detector on every floor of your home, as well as a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and any room in which someone often smokes. Test these items periodically to be sure they work.
  • NEVER hold a baby while smoking or drinking a hot drink.
  • Don’t put the baby in a walker. They lead to falls, poisonings, and chokings. Swings, playpens, and “Johnny jumpers” are all much safer.
  • Be sure all baby furniture is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and all cloths are marked “non-flammable”. Crib mattresses should fit snugly and slats should be no more than 2-3/8″ apart. Paint should be non-toxic, lead free, and in good condition.
  • Don’t leave the baby alone with a young brother/sister or with a pet.
  • Check your hot tap water. Adjust the hot water heater for a maximum temperature of 110 – 115° F.
  • Never turn your back on a baby in a bath, on a changing table or on a bed EVEN FOR A SECOND!