Resources and Links

– Organization promoting health and well being of infants and toddlers

Healthy Children (AAP)
– Health of All Children – parenting corner, safety & prevention and development corner

Boston Children’s Hospital

The Food Allergy Network
– Bringing about a clearer understanding of the issues food allergies and providing helpful resources

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
– Government news about threatening diseases, traveler’s health information, immunizations, bicycle safety, dog bits, food-borne illnesses, and more

Traveler’s Health Information – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
– Travel health reference, general information about vaccinations for travel, diseases related to travel, including Malaria and Yellow Fever, Survival guide, Illness &Injury abroad

National Sleep Foundation
– Sharing info about the importance and benefits of sleep, and how to overcome and cope with sleep disorders

BAM! Body & Mind
– Learn about fitness, food & nutrition, exercise, disease and safety

Safe Infant Sleep Practices
-The NIH offers a free brochure for safe sleeping practices.

Immunization Facts & Issues
If you have doubts about immunizing your child, please read this informative article.