Wheels & Toys

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides helpful information on this topic through their website www.healthychildren.org. Click their link below for tips.


Bicycle helmets are a must! Parents shouldn’t allow children of any age to ride without one, even in their own driveway! Parents should check every year to be sure their children’s helmets still fit and are in good condition. For you parents who are bicycling enthusiasts with infants or toddlers, bicycle baby seats are more risky than tow-behind trailers.

Three of the most unsafe toys ever invented are Trampolines, “Slip-N-Slides” and Skateboards. A pool, fountain, or sprinkler is far safer than a “Slip-N-Slide”. If a “Slip-N-Slide” is going to be used, close adult supervision and strict rules about only one-child-at-a-time and waiting until the child before you is out of the way are mandatory.

Rollerblades or roller skates are far safer than skateboards. With all such wheels-on-the-feet type products, wearing a protective helmet and wrist guards can make it a much safer experience. Knee and elbow pads are nice too, but the head and wrist injuries we see from these sports tend to be the really bad ones.