About Nurse Practitioners

We are quite fortunate to have three excellent Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNP) working with us here at CMO. For those unfamiliar with the role, a Nurse Practitioner is a nurse who has acquired advanced clinical skills through a Master’s level educational program. PNPs normally perform physical examinations, evaluate and treat ordinary childhood illnesses, coordinate care of many chronic pediatric ailments, and help families learn about and meet their children’s health needs. The training and focus of a PNP is wellness, prevention, and health promotion, while that of a physician is oriented more towards diagnosis and treatment of disease. While somewhat new to the private practice world, PNPs have been an integral part of the health care team in University settings for many years. In much of Europe PNPs provide the bulk of “primary care” and function quite autonomously from physicians. In the United States, a PNP always works under the supervision of a physician, who is responsible for the care provided. Nurse Practitioners & physicians complement each other – working closely together, each adds something to and improves the care the other provides.