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(Baby) Food Blog

Ever since my 2 year old son was old enough for solid foods I’ve been passionate about his diet.  I am a firm believer that exposing a baby’s palate to a variety of tastes, textures, colors and even spices early on may help battle the phenomenon so many parents express frustrations about in toddlerhood & […]

Screen-Free Week May 5-11th

Screen Free Week: A word about Smart Phones and Teenagers     When my daughter started high school, we finally caved in and purchased a smart phone. It has been an easy way to stay in touch with her and has allowed her access to schoolwork both home and away from school. Sadly, over time, […]

Helping your Boys through School…by David Ansel, MD

The amazing thing about the subject discussed in this article, at least for professionals of my generation, is that only 20 years ago the situation seemed just the opposite.  Back then schools seemed to favor boys in a myriad of ways.  The data that young men are now falling behind young women in higher educational […]

Supplements…All their cracked up to be??

  When I was in medical school, I went through a phase where I took a bunch of herbal supplements.  They were all meant to boost my energy levels and mental acuity.  I remember taking four or five capsules each morning with breakfast.    After a while, I stopped.  If there had been any benefit […]

New on The Script…Questions for the PCA Psychologists

Going forward, we at PCA thought it would be fun & helpful to share examples of parent questions posed to our psychologists during Call-In Time, & our responses.  Don’t worry, nothing will be shared that is personal, unique, or identifiable. Rather, the questions will be notable for the common chords they strike in many of […]

Time to Say Goodbye to Liquid Medication?

Say GOODBYE to liquid medications!!! It was a happy day in my house when all three of my children learned to swallow a pill and were DONE with liquid medications! Liquid medications can be messy, difficult to travel with and more frustrating to administer as the child’s dose increases with age. Also, many of our […]

Thoughts from the Desk of Dr. Ansel

THE HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENTAL-BEHAVIORAL PEDIATRICS:   Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP) is one of the newest and smallest pediatric sub-specialties.  DBP was born in what was known as the “new morbidity” movement of the 1970’s.  This was a time when pediatricians, giddy with success in taming many traditional scourges of childhood (infection, prematurity, birth defects, malnutrition, physical […]

Herbal Supplements…getting (more or less) what you paid for?

Difficult conversations are one of the things that medical providers must be prepared to have with patients and their families from time to time.  No matter the lengths that providers may go to in order to ensure good, open and respectful communications, sometimes we may not see eye to eye about any given subject.  It […]

The Hidden Benefits of ‘Downward Dog’

~When my boys were young I signed them up for Kung Fu, a form of martial arts. They had a great time earning stripes for their colorful belts and learning all sorts of other skills which were less obvious to them, such as focus, strength, balance and respect for themselves and their Masters (instructors). Today […]

Back Again with More Books…

  I find there’s a time for kids ages 4-8 where it is hard to figure out what to get them to read. You want to help them along the way and encourage the “light-switch” for reading to come on.   There’s a stage when they’re almost reading, but not quite. Then they’re reading but […]