CMO Response to the Coronavirus-19 Outbreak

Dear Patients and families,

As you are all aware, there is an ongoing pandemic of a virus called SARS-CoV-2, otherwise called COVID-19. Coronavirus is a well known virus type that is common during the late winter months and causes a flu-like illness with cough, fever, runny nose, and sometimes vomiting. The “novel” or new coronavirus type has made a splash because of its rapid spread and severity of respiratory symptoms particularly in older people.

We at CMO are following the outbreak and response from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) very closely. As of today, there are still limited test kits available and there is no recommendation for routine testing for common cold type symptoms. We are updating our procedures, testing, and patient guidance based on daily updates from the CDC and Department of Public Health.

Reassuringly, it looks as though unlike the Flu, COVID-19 seems to be significantly less of an issue for younger children and adolescents. The data shows mild and often symptom-free disease in patients under the age of 20 with full recovery in any affected children. We still assume that our patients with chronic diseases are at higher risk than average, but overall this is good news.

You may see some new and different things around our office until this COVID-19 outbreak is over. We will be increasing the use of patient (and family) masks for anyone who is coughing. The providers and staff may wear masks, eye protection, and gowns. This is all to keep transmission of virus(es) to a minimum. If your child tends to be a little more nervous, you may want to warn them that their provider may “dress up funny” in the near future.

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 but are feeling relatively well (aside from mild viral symptoms and fever), we recommend that you do not come in to the office. It is better to treat fever and congestion at home. Symptoms of coronavirus can last 2 weeks, and the current recommendation for anyone thought to be positive for COVID is to quarantine yourself/family/children at home to reduce transmission. We will update the recommendations about duration of self-quarantine as more information becomes available from the CDC.

If you or your child has rapidly worsening symptoms, particularly difficulty breathing, prolonged (longer than 5 days) fever above 100.4, repeated vomiting with difficulty staying hydrated, worsening asthma symptoms, or infants under 3 months old with fever, we SHOULD see you! IF this is the case, please call the office, tell us about your concern for COVID and the worsening symptoms. We will arrange for a visit in a timely and safe manner.

Thank you as always for helping us care for you, your children, and our CMO Family.

Wash your hands! Stay hydrated. Be healthy.

The providers and staff at CMO