Fun with (Baby) Food

Ever since my son was old enough for solid foods I’ve been passionate about his diet (and now starting over with my 6 month old!).  I am a firm believer that exposing a baby’s palate to a variety of tastes, textures, colors and even spices early on may help battle the phenomenon so many parents express frustrations about in toddlerhood & beyond…’the beige diet.’ In other words, the picky eater!  I am hoping to help get all you parents of young children excited about meal time instead of dreading it!


Lets start with the early foods.  Given my passion on the topic, who won’t be surprised to hear I make all my own baby food.  I promise it is not as onerous as it sounds, as a working mom I can vouch for this!  Every Sunday I use my all-in-one baby food maker (steams and purees) to prepare a couple different selections.  I would then use an ice cube like tray with a cover to separate the food into a meal sized portion and in the freezer it went.  I would pop out a few cubes at a time and let it defrost in the fridge daily, ready to go at meal time!  You can even use the baby steamer to reheat if desired (or microwave).


You will likely hear us referring to the ‘colors of the rainbow’ through the years when reviewing what a healthy plate should look like. chances are if your child’s plate is colorful it is well balanced and healthy!


Here are some ideas organized by color for ‘first foods’ to try:  (Remember when first starting solids each new food should be given alone for a period of a few days. )


Roasted Butternut Squash            Sweet Potato             Yams         Pumpkin     Apricots       Peaches     Carrots       

Avocado          Green Beans       Broccoli        Peas          Banana  

Apples            Pear                  Banana               Cauliflower

                      ..cereals can add needed iron so feel free to mix these in as well.

Once foods have been introduced one at a time, mixing can really create great flavors…

pears&parsnips               apple&oatmeal

                                                         blueberry&avocado                mango&Banana

                          peas&mint           broccoli&potato

                                                                                                                            carrot&cauliflower                  kale&peaches


As long as each food is being introduced one by one why limit your baby to boring rice cereal and squash??  Check out and for many more ideas.


Transitioning to solids is an exciting milestone and meant to be fun and enjoyable for both parent and baby!