Pill Swallowing Class July 21!

I have to Swallow That!?
Pill Swallowing Made Easy… (and fun!)
A One-Session Group for Kids & Parents
with Dr. Amanda Bronson
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment that can work fast!
For children ages 5+ through teens
? Why is medication important?
? Why pills?
? Say “ahhh”
How do your mouth and throat work? How can they learn to relax?
Parent Guidance:
? Is My Child Ready to Learn How to Swallow Pills?
? What You Can Do to Help Your Child
? Do’s & Don’ts– Before, During & After Swallowing Tries
Intervention & Treatment:
? Calming Down Your Body
? Calming Down Your Mind
? Gradual Exposure via use of Shaping + Practice… at your own pace
When? Friday, July 21st from 3:15-4:15PM
Where? Right Here at CMO!
How? Call to Register: 978-975-3355
Insurance Accepted (copays due at time of group)
***Please send with your child 1 package (each) of: Nerds, Tic Tacs, M&M’s (mini and
regular), Skittles and a bottle of water***