Screen Free Saturdays

What are Screen-Free Saturdays?

In so many ways, we are more dependent on digital technologies than ever. Families across the globe have had to loosen their screen time rules just to get through the week. And many families find weekdays exhausting as they juggle work, remote learning, keeping in touch with loved ones, and following the latest developments. Screen-Free Saturdays are an opportunity to take a break from the seemingly endless noise of quarantine life and recharge for the coming week.

Screen-Free Saturdays are a tool for us to take the time we need to prioritize our families and our wellbeing. They offer a sanctuary: a space in stressful times for us to be present. Like their sister, Screen-Free Week, Screen-Free Saturdays are a chance for us to play, explore, and rediscover the joys of life beyond ad-supported screens. And they are great for our mental and physical health to boot!

Screen-Free Saturdays