Walk In Appointments at CMO

As we head into a busy cold and flu season, we would like to remind you about best use of our early-morning “walk-in” visits.


Walk-in is from 7-7:40am Monday-Friday. If you arrive after 7:40 we will schedule you into the first available slot of the day, which may be later in the morning. In order to reduce wait-times please come as close to 7am as possible.

The visits during walk-in should be for acute medical conditions. Walk-in time should not be used for mental or behavioral health concerns, chronic medical issues, reproductive health, or concussion management.  These longer and more complex concerns require us to spend more time with you during a visit, which we often do not have during walk-in. We always offer same-day appointments, and scheduling a more complex issue in one of those slots will allow us to better manage your concerns and provide optimal medical care.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy!