Child Health & Childcare

Title Author Comments
Strong Mothers, Strong Sons Caron Raising the Next Generation of Men
Raising Teen: 10 Best Gifts for Your Teen Patt and Saso Raising Teens with Love and Understanding
Daughters and Mothers Cowen stories explore the complex relationship between mothers and daughters
Children’s Hospital Child Health Encyclopedia Lovejoy Encyclopedic guide to health & illness by Children’s Hospital – Boston
Children’s Hospital Guide to Your Child’s Health & Development Many contributors (including Dr. Ansel) Guide to Child Care, Health, and Development by Children’s Hospital – Boston
Caring for Your Baby – Birth to Age 5 Shelov Encyclopedic “how to” parenting guide by the AAP
Caring for Teenager Greydanus Encyclopedic “how to” parenting guide by the AAP
The Medicine Show Consumer Reports Good “debunker” of health myths and explainer of common issues.

Zero to Five

Tracy Cutchlow 70 essential parenting tips based on science

The Safety Series

TheMotherCo Helping parents raise good people