Kids & Parenting in Our Culture

(For parents who like to think deeply. The books here are not directly related to child health per se, but they contain wisdom we feel is helpful to the process of being a thoughtful parent in today’s America.)

Title Author Comments
Generations –
The History of America’s Future
Neil Howe,
William Strauss
An interesting theory placing today’s generations of parents and children in historical context.
Millennials Rising:
The Next Great Generation
Neil Howe,
William Strauss
A detailed and fascinating look at the cohort of kids born since 1984 and how they will differ from their “Boomer” and “Gen X” parents.
Bobos In Paradise:
The New Upper Class and How They Got There
David Brooks Insightful analysis of the culture currently dominating what our children learn from the media.
The Blank Slate:
The Modern Denial of Human Nature
Stephen Pinker This book covers a lot of ground – but it’s view of human nature is helpful in thinking about children and there is one excellent chapter debunking much modern child rearing wisdom.
Raising America:
Experts, Parents, and a Century of Advice About Children
Ann Hulbert Spock? Brazelton? Leach? Where did all these experts come from and how much do they really know?