Medical Records

For all medical records correspondence, please call or email Kara, our medical records correspondence coordinator at 978.975.3355 or

We maintain a computerized medical record system. Your child’s record is confidential, and only authorized office personnel have access to it. At or prior to your first visit we ask you to sign release forms for us to obtain any old records from prior physicians or hospitals. Information from our record may be released only when the doctor needs to communicate with other physicians to directly facilitate your child’s care, in circumstances where such disclosure is mandated by law, or with your expressed written permission. Requests for medical record copies/printouts to be sent to other facilities must be in writing and require 2-4 weeks for processing.  Records may also be accessed through your MyChart account.

School/Immunization Records

To request a school form register for a MyChart account.  If you would like us to print a paper copy for you, please plan ahead and be sure to submit your requests for record summaries at least 2 weeks in advance of when you need them.

Utility Letters

Children’s Medical Office will provide ONE utility letter per year documenting your child’s medical condition(s). Additional copies will not be provided unless there is a significant change in your child’s medical condition.  We provide our own standard form which contains all the information usually required by the utility services.  Please plan ahead and request your utility letter at least 2 weeks in advance of when it needs to be submitted.

Utility companies have programs for fee modification schedules.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to contact the utility company for personal arrangements if financial hardship exists.  For more information visit “Help With Your Utility Bill”