Psychologists at CMO

CMO has partnered with Family Counseling Associates (FCA) to have pediatric psychologist, Dr. Donna Graham, at our office in North Andover.

At CMO, we strive to provide the highest level of pediatric medical care and behavioral health guidance. So much of what we do in pediatric well care is fostering the physical and mental well-being of our patients. We work together with families to guide children and adolescents toward healthy behavior changes. Whether your child is having issues with anxiety, sleep, weight management, depression, bullying, tantruming, toileting training, anger, or chronic health conditions, having an understanding of the psychological bases and responses is key to changing the problem.

If you and your primary provider feel that a psychological consultation might be helpful, we will either introduce you to one of the psychologists at the time of the visit or help to schedule a future consultation. Should the issue at hand require further management or involvement with a psychiatrist, we will have more resources for referral and follow-up.  FCA at CMO is currently contracted with all CMO insurers.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Graham as part of our team!