Our Basic Approach

When a clinical problem calls for consultation, we refer ONLY to pediatric subspecialists who have devoted their careers exclusively to children (often major researchers in their field). While this often involves a bit of travel (there being far fewer pediatric specialists than the “adult” counterparts in any field), it ensures that you will receive very best care which is up-to-date and sensitive to a child’s special needs. At this point our proper role becomes that of “case coordinator”, and we take it very seriously! We will not only decide when a subspecialist is necessary, but will carefully choose which one would be best for you. We and the subspecialist will work together as a team, communicating as closely as necessary to provide optimal care. We will act as a liaison between you and the subspecialist, and also between different experts when several need to become involved in a difficult case. This oversight ensures that your child will get the very best that modern medicine has to offer – the lack of such a “case coordinator” for many patients having often been cited as one of the biggest weaknesses of contemporary “big teaching-hospital” style care.

Specialist Appointment Coordination

Please call or email the front desk staff to schedule a subspecialist appointment. Our front desk tracks all referrals internally to ensure we receive written feedback from all subspecialists, and you may hear from us if we don’t hear from you! Our clinical staff has direct computer access to all Children’s Hospital & MGHFC physicians, and frequently communicate with them.

Email: Linda, Specialist Appointment Coordinator at

Working with Insurance Companies & HMO’s

Insurance referrals consume a great deal staff time. If at all possible, please avoid calling during our crunch time of early morning or late afternoon. Have physician name, date of visit, reason for visit, and number of visits your child may need. Please understand your insurance company make take hours and/or days to get back to us, but we’ll do our best to process requests. Complicated team evaluations, “educational” evaluations, and some psychology referrals not only have a longer turnaround time with insurance companies, but are frequently denied. Our staff is well versed in dealing with such referrals, and we’ll do our best to help you “appeal” denials.

Email: Erin, Insurance Referral Coordinator at