The goal of our practice is to provide the highest quality medical care for infants, children, and teenagers.

As a Medical Home, we provide comprehensive care in a family-centered setting, and we strive to streamline care coordination, referrals, and access to the finest specialists in the Northeast.

We combine a small, friendly, personal office setting with the very latest advances in modern pediatric medicine. Children are not merely “small adults.” They grow and develop at an outstanding pace and in multiple realms: physically, emotionally, and intellectually. This changing anatomy and awareness requires a fundamentally different approach to the care of children.

We take pride in caring for children and adolescents with all special needs – be they medical, social, emotional, or educational. We particularly specialize in caring for chronically ill, handicapped, and developmentally delayed children, in addition to providing “well child” care. 

If you are a long term patient of CMO, thank you for your continued trust in us. 

Just joining?- welcome to our home.

  happy son We are now offering
Developmental and Behavioral Care to our patients.
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National Influenza Vaccination Week!

Upcoming Flu Clinics: Thurs 12/5 8:30-11 & 1-6 Fri 12/6 10-11 & 1:30-4:30 Thurs 12/12 2:30-5:30 Fri 12/13 1:30-4:30 Thurs 12/19 5-6pm Fri 12/20 10-11 Tues 12/24 9-11 & 1-3:30 Thurs 12/26 8:30-11 & 1-6 Fri 12/27 9:30-11 & 2-4 Mon 12/30 1-3 Tues 12/31 8-9:30 & 1-3 If your child has not yet received […]

Welcome Community Pediatrics Patients!

Community Pediatrics and Children’s Medical Office are working together to offer Dr. Desiato’s patients a smooth transition to a new Medical Home at Children’s Medical Office. Dr Joseph Desiato and Community Pediatrics has been a trusted member of our local community for over 33 years and we honor the confidence entrusted to us to provide […]

Holiday Cards at CMO

  November 29, 2019 Happy Holidays  from Children’s Medical Office of North Andover, P.C.! Holiday Card Notice Thank you so much for your holiday cards! We love receiving them. Our tradition is to display the cards we receive during the holiday season, which we plan to continue.  If you send us a card, we will […]