We care for all children

Children’s Medical Office cares for all children, from the smallest premature infant just home from the hospital right through the late teenage years. We specialize in the care and management of chronically ill and handicapped children. We take an activist and aggressive approach to medical care, and are well able to manage most medical problems ourselves. However, we do not hesitate to utilize subspecialty consultants in a situation where doing so might add something to or improve the quality of care we provide in any way.

Children’s Medical Office will see established patients who wish to continue utilizing us up through the age of 21 years. We do not accept new patients older than 15 years. We recognize adolescence as a time when children need and deserve to take gradually increasing responsibility for their own health care, and to get increasing privacy in this regard. We also recognize that individual children and families vary in the exact age and pace at which this occurs – we therefore try to remain flexible and respond to individual needs both in terms of patient privacy/autonomy, and in terms of the exact age at which it may seem appropriate to transfer care to the adult medical system.