The goal of this practice is to provide the very highest quality medical care for infants, children, and teenagers. As a Medical Home, we provide comprehensive care in a family-centered setting, and we strive to streamline care coordination, referrals, and access to the finest specialists in the Northeast. We combine a small, friendly, personal office setting with the very latest advances in modern pediatric medicine.

Good health is not just the absence of disease; it is a state of physical, social, and emotional well being. The goal of pediatric care is to work with parent and child to achieve the best health possible. We accomplish this through parental guidance, teaching of safe and healthy lifestyles, preventive medicine, screening/early detection of illness and other problems, prompt and aggressive treatment of diseases when they do occur, and through political advocacy for children and “children’s issues.”

All this helps ensure that each child will grow and develop to his optimum potential.

Children are not merely “small adults.” Through the first 18 years of life, children grow and develop at an outstanding pace and in multiple realms: physically, emotionally, and intellectually. This changing anatomy and awareness requires a fundamentally different approach to the care of children. Pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists devote their entire training and careers to the study and care of children. They have extensive knowledge of childhood disease and well honed sensitivity to a child’s psychology. Because of this, they are uniquely qualified to deliver medical care to this age group. The same is true of pediatric hospitals and other institutions dedicated solely to children. It is therefore our policy to admit only to pediatric institutions and refer to only the best and most up to date pediatric subspecialists.

We take pride in caring for children and adolescents with all special needs – be they medical, social, emotional, or educational. We particularly specialize in caring for chronically ill, handicapped, and developmentally delayed children, or for those with multiple medical problems, in addition to providing “well child” care.

At Children’s Medical Office we believe all children are created equal, that children are mankind’s greatest asset and our only hope for the future. We therefore do not discriminate among children on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, language, national origin, political alignment, socioeconomic status, or diagnosis.