Our Providers

Each of our clinical staff members keep abreast of progress in pediatrics by regularly making rounds at Children’s Hospital, by routine personal contact with a variety of researchers, and by attendance at many seminars & conferences.

We work very closely together.

We believe that in order to give quality care, a group practice needs to be more than individual providers sharing office space. Our goal is to be cohesive in practice & philosophy, so that when you see any one of us, you can be sure you are getting the benefit of our collective expertise.


Provider New Patient Availability

Providers Availability
Dr. Winterkorn Not Accepting new patients
Dr. Summers Accepting new patients and patients above 16 years old
Dr. Poulter Not Accepting new patients
Dr. Barnett Accepting new patients
Jacky Psoinos, CPNP Accepting new patients
Marnie Burton,CPNP Accepting new patients
Tina Connelly,CPNP Accepting new patients
Dr. Amanda S. Bronson Accepting patients from within our practice for behavioral health matters
Dr. Donna J. Graham Accepting patients from within our practice for behavioral health matters

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